Halloween circa 1978

As far as I know, there are only about 25 photographs of me from my childhood, so when a new one appears in the world (like the one below), it’s exciting for me.  


Oddly enough, these photos seem to pop up from time to time.

At an author talk a few years ago, a former classmate gave me a photograph from an elementary school play where I kissed a girl for the first time (upon command). I’m standing on stage, singing my heart out to what I think is the song, “Tea for Two.”

Quite a gift.

This photo, apparently in the possession of my brother for years, is of me (on the left), my brother, Jeremy, and my sister, Kelli. Presumably Halloween eve, circa 1978.

It’s so strange and sad to see a photograph of yourself and have absolutely no recollection of the moment. I have a strong recollection of my childhood, but this particular Halloween is lost to me.

Knowing my sister, she probably remembers the moment perfectly.

The photograph was taken in a time just before our parents divorce. It may have been just weeks before our parents divorce if I’m right about the year.  We look so happy together. Not a care in the world.

Little kids who have no hint about the storm that is coming.