Stay close, little ones.

A recent post to my children on a blog that I’ve written to them everyday since my wife became pregnant with our daughter:

The summer is here, little ones, and that means lots of time spent outdoors. The two of you love spending time in our backyard, but really anywhere that we can find a little water to splash in is good enough for you.

The best thing, little ones, is how well you play together and get along. Remember this. Embrace it. Never let it go. My brothers and sisters were incredibly close as children, but when we became teenagers and started making our own paths in life, circumstances interfered and we drifted apart.

Uncle Jeremy joined the Army after high school and we didn’t see or hear from him for a long time. Years later, he would disappear for another five years when tragedy struck his life. We’re closer today than ever before, but we lost so many unnecessary years, little ones.

I lost my stepbrother, Ian, and stepsister, Meghan, through divorce. We have never managed to reconnect even though we spent most of our childhood as brothers and sisters.

I can’t imagine this ever happening to the two of you, but as a child, I would’ve never imagined it happening to me, either.

Stay close, little ones. Be kind and sweet and gentle to each, or as Clara would say, to eachosher. Always.

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