Serious geography geek material

I am a geography geek. When I was eight years-old, I was given an atlas and a globe for my birthday. I was in heaven.

Unfortunately, this was also was the first and only birthday party that I ever hosted for friends, so the three boys who attended my party stared in disbelief as I opened these gifts.

image image

I later used my knowledge (and some free maps that I ordered from AAA) to help a friend plan an unsanctioned hitchhiking trip to visit his uncle in Ohio.

Thankfully that friend never made the trip, though the incident led to the plot of my second novel, Unexpectedly Milo.

If you are a geography geek or just generally curious about the world, I have two truly outstanding videos to share with you today.

The first brilliantly explains the American empire, with its many islands scattered throughout the world.

The second describes the surprising and bizarre border between the United States and Canada.