I was once homeless, living in my 1992 Toyota Tercel. But that still seemed spacious compared to this apartment.

I have managed to live in some small spaces in my time.

For a period of about two years, I shared a former pantry-turned-bedroom off the kitchen in the home of a family of Jehovah Witnesses with another person and the family’s pet goat.

That sounds a lot crazier than it really was.

Prior to that, I was homeless, living in my 1992 Toyota Tercel.

Also a small space.


None of this compares to this apartment in Paris, which is only eight square meters in size. Despite it’s miniscule size, it contains a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and bedroom, all thanks to some incredibly clever design.  

I think I would suffer from extreme claustrophobia if I were forced to live there, but then again, I bet the rent is fairly cheap.