14 Things That Annoy Me (and probably you)

1. People who live in the suburbs of a city but claim residence to that city

2. Drivers who fail to understand that “No Right on Red” really means “Be careful before making your perfectly legal right on red.”


3. Continuous discussions about body ailments and/or illnesses

4. Invitations to play stupid Facebook games

5. The recounting – word for word – of conversations that are clearly only interesting enough to warrant paraphrasing

6. Missing out on an argument or debate because I was a second too late or unaware of the proceedings

7. The massive stores of memory lost forever when a person dies

8. The almost universally incorrect use of the phrase “Begs the question”

9. The New Yorker way of saying “on line” instead of “in line”


10. The bizarre pride that some New Yorkers feel (and openly express) about saying “on line” instead of “in line”

11. Songs about specific people that are named after those specific people (Elton John’s Daniel, Journey’s Amanda, Eric Clapton’s Layla)

12. The muddy, brown, cold days between winter and spring

13. The rhetorical use of the question “Guess what?” – as in “I listened to everything he had to say, and guess what? I didn’t believe a word he said.”

14. Almost every rhetorical question ever asked