Changes to this website and blog are coming. Thoughts?

Sometime next week, this blog and my entire website will be migrating over to a new platform. I have built a new website and spent the last month duplicating content on the new site in addition to adding new material as well.


The look will be different, and the interface will hopefully be better, but the actual content will remain the same. The entire blog, for example, including all comments and images posted over the last six years, have already been embedded on the new site. Nothing will be lost. 

This change will also make it possible to launch our first podcast, as well as reach out to readers, writers, and storytellers for a variety of other reasons.

We’re excited.

If you would like to take a peek at the changes about to happen, I would love your feedback. You can take an early look at the nearly complete website - including the blog - by clicking here.