The worst thing about parenting just got a whole lot better.

My daughter, Clara, can now buckle herself into her car seat, which is barely a car seat anymore. It's simply a platform that raises her body to a safe level in the backseat. No more fighting with anchors or straps. It simply sits atop the backseat.  

Yesterday, when I picked her up after dance class, I climbed into my seat behind the wheel as she walked around the car, opened the door, climbed in, closed the door, and buckled herself. 

Parenting has officially become easier by at least two degrees of magnitude. 

As you probably know, I am highly averse to the constant complaining from parents about parenting, but when specifically asked what is the worst thing about parenting, my answer is always the same:

Car seats. They are truly the worst.

If Steve Jobs were still alive today, I would write to him, requesting that he address the astoundingly terrible design of car seats. 

At last my daughter is free, and with her new found freedom, so am I.  

One down. One to go.