What do tanning beds, mustard gas, and arsenic have in common?

My gym, Big Sky Fitness, has been voted by the Hartford Advocate as the “Best Health and Fitness Center” for 12 years in a row.

The staff actually sets up laptops at the juice bar during the voting period in order to give members the opportunity to express their approval of the place.

Despite my affection for my gym, I have never voted for it, and I will continue to refuse to vote for it as long as it continues to offer tanning beds to its members.

You can’t be the "best health and fitness center" if you are offering members a service that The World Health Organization has declared to be a carcinogen as dangerous as mustard gas and arsenic.

There are many, many stupid things that people do in this world. Untold numbers of stupid things. I do many of them regularly. 

But there are few things stupider than using a tanning bed.