My son is an overnight bully. Also, he apparently has superhuman strength.

In the past six years of parenting, our children have slept in our bed for about a total of four nights.

Four nights over the course of six years and two kids isn't bad considering I have friends who have their children sleeping with them more often than not.

I have a friend who spent years sleeping in his children's beds so his kids could sleep in his.  

Still, as infrequently as it happens in our home, it's still annoying.

Last night our almost three year-old son woke up at 11:30 and was inconsolable. The combination of concern over what might be wrong (given this has never happened before) and his inability to calm down caused us to decide to bring him into our bed.

And it worked. Within a few minutes he was calm and sleeping again.

Over the course of the next five hours that I spent in bed, this little boy managed to pin me to the edge of the bed and twice topple me right out and onto the floor.

Have you ever fallen out of bed while you were fast asleep? It's terrifying. 

I have never fallen out of my bed before. My wife and I have spent the last twelve years sleeping side by side without ever infringing upon each other's space.  

Yet somehow this small boy, tiny in comparison to me, managed to manipulate me like a rag doll last night. He discarded me from the bed like a lumpy pillow or an unwanted pet. 

He's not nearly as cute as he looks.