The dark, incestuous side of The Brady Bunch, including dog collars and nails

I grew up watching The Brady Bunch. I loved The Brady Bunch.

Sadly, not everything on The Brady Bunch was as wholesome as it seemed. 

  • Barry Williams (Greg) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia) had a serious fling while filming the show. 
  • Barry Williams and Florence Henderson went on at least one date according to Henderson.
  • Barry Williams had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day since he was 12.
  • Robert Reed was forced to hide his homosexuality in fear of retribution by Brady Bunch producers.

But of all the stories of the dark side of The Brady Bunch, this is the one that will break your heart the most and possibly tarnish the image of The Brady Bunch in your mind forever.

One evening after filming had finished for the day of the episode entitled “Katchoo” (in which Jan appears to be allergic to the family dog), Tiger’s trainer let the pooch out on the Paramount lot for his daily exercise.

Unfortunately, a careless driver didn’t see the dog and Tiger was hit and killed.

The frantic trainer spent the rest of the night scouring animal shelters looking for a reasonable facsimile of the shaggy canine, since he still had several scenes left to film. The replacement dog looked enough like Tiger to fool the cast and production staff, but the jig was up when he wouldn’t follow directions and was frightened by the noise and lights.

The only way the director got Fake Tiger to hold stay in place during the emotional scene where the boys were bidding him a tearful farewell was to nail his collar to the floor.