6 thoughts about this crazy-ass video from CatholicVote.org

1. I'm so happy to hear that the bigoted people in this video love their gay friends so freakin' much. And they conveniently have so many gay friends, too. I'm sure that their gay friends love them right back.  

I guess it's totally fine to support the restriction of basic civil rights to a group of people as long as some of them are your friends and you love them a lot.

After all, I may have friends who don't support same sex marriage. If so, they are bigots, but I love them, and it's my love for them that makes it okay to think of them as bigots. Right?

2. I assume that the argument that "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion" would not apply if I told the black guy in the video that he shouldn't be able to marry a white woman or play in Major League baseball or eat in any sushi restaurants in America because he's black.

Or if I told the women in the ad that women aren't qualified to run for President because they are too emotional and cry too often and are indecisive.   


3. It's fascinating to watch people who were once safely in the majority panic when they discover that they are in the minority and no longer enjoy the legal support that they once had. 

And yes. They are in the minority. Only 39% of Americans oppose same sex marriage toay, and that number has been declining since 2004. 

Actually, 56% of Catholics support same sex marriage, making these morons a minority in their own damn church. No wonder they sound so ridiculous.  

4. If CatholicVote.org wants to make an advertisement supporting their cause, they should avoid posting a video that left me wondering if I was watching a hilarious parody from a website like funnyordie.com or an actual advertisement designed to change minds.

That video was insanely confusing. It honestly could've gone either way.

Honestly, I can't believe they haven't taken it down already.   

5. Frankly, if CatholicVote wants to create an effective, non-embarrassing, non-confusing, advertisement opposing gay marriage, call me. For the right price, I promise that I will write and direct an ad that supports your bigoted position and doesn't embarrass you in the process.

Creating a video like that would go against my principle, but everyone has a price.

6. The Biblical rationale for the opposition to gay marriage is presented in this video.

God says no to gay marriage. 

But having read the Bible cover to cover three times (which is more than the morons in this video, I'm sure), I also know that God says a big, fat, enthusiastic yes to slavery. And stoning people who work on Sunday. And slaughtering nonbelievers.  

I really, honestly, sincerely want to know how these people get around this hypocrisy.