A simple solution for Scott Walker's uncertainty

Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker says that he doesn't know if being gay is a choice.

I have a simple solution to this problem:

He could simply ask any one of the millions of gay Americans if being gay is a choice and believe what they say, since they would know.

I can't begin to imagine the degree of arrogance and self-righteousness required for a heterosexual man (who dropped out of college with a 2.6 GPA) to completely discount the word of millions of American citizens who would absolutely know the answer to this question.

Does he think that all gay people are liars?

Even better, Walker could stop caring if being gay was a choice, since that question happens to be one of the stupidest questions being asked today.

Do the morons who think that being gay is a choice really expect my homosexual friends to suddenly switch to relationships with opposite sex partners like you might change your order at the local diner? 

Even if being gay were a choice (WHICH IT'S NOT, SCOTT WALKER), who cares?

Perhaps Walker could say that as a conservative politician who believes that government is too large and omnipresent in the lives of Americans,  he doesn't think it's his or anyone else's business when it comes to who a person chooses to love. 

Now that would be a real answer.