Clara's Mid-Summer Bucket List

A parental suggestion courtesy of my wife:

Yesterday, with about half of our summer behind us, Elysha asked our six year-old daughter to create a bucket list of summertime activities that she still wanted to do. 

The list is great, and best of all, it's entirely doable.

Backyard picnics. Sleepovers. Trips to playgrounds and beaches.

Not only do we know exactly what she wants to do, but as we check each one of those items off the list, she will feel better and better about her summer.

And we also learned that our daughter isn't a selfish, materialistic jerk face as well. She's content with the simple things of life. Playgrounds and beaches and sleepovers.

Also a great thing to know.   

A mid-summer bucket list: An outstanding idea courtesy of the great Elysha Dicks.