Half years are stupid.

I will never understand why adults count half-years when accounting for time.

Yesterday I heard a person asked how long he was at a company. His response:

"Eight and a half years."

Eight and a half?

You're not a toddler, dude. No one over the age of ten counts half years. No one even keeps track of half years. Besides, what even constitutes a half year? 

Must it be exactly six months to call it a half year?
What about four months? Should we round up to the half year or back down to the full year?
What about eight months? Can we round up to a full year? What about nine months? Or ten?

Everyone understands that when you say that you were with a company for eight years, it probably wasn't eight years on the nose. It was probably eight years and some additional weeks or months, or maybe it was almost eight years and you're rounding up.

Stating time in half years makes you sound like a wonk. It's meaningless. No one cares about your stupid half year.