A restroom puzzle: How exactly is this configuration of toilets supposed to work?

Could someone please explain the restroom configuration to me?

I stepped into the restroom, wondering if I should lock the door. I planned on using one of the urinals, so should I have left the door unlocked in the event another man entered, wanting use of the other urinal?

That seemed to make sense, but what if the man entering requiring the use of the toilet? Presumably he would not drop trou while I was standing there, which means he would have to stand by and wait. This would quickly become awkward as he watched me go about my business, standing ideally in the corner. In order to break the tension, maybe he would attempt some small talk, at which point he and I would probably have preferred that he be waiting outside the room.

And what if three or more men entered the restroom? Even if all of them required use of the urinal, the room is small. Things would get tight rather quickly.

It took me a moment to decide, but in the end, I opted to lock the door, keeping the restroom to myself.

Just me, three inexplicable toilets, and a lot of questions about what kind of rationale went into the design of this ridiculous restroom.