Productivity tip: Back up your phone, damn it.

It is unconscionable for parents to be walking around with phones that have 10,000 photos of their children saved only on the phone's hard drive, yet in an anecdotal survey of the last ten parents I spoke to, six of them have not backed up their photos for more than a month, and two have never backed up their phone EVER.

Do your own survey. These lunatics are all over the place.   

I personally know of three people who lost months of photographs when their phones were accidentally destroyed and there was no backup.

This is not hard, people. Either set your phone to automatically back up data to a cloud service, or connect your phone to a computer every night.

And if your computer does not have an automatic backup service running in the background, there's no hope for you. Honestly. You're insane.  

Almost as insane as the people walking around with six months of photos on their phones.