Six things you have probably done that I have not. Intentionally.

I'm a person who has made it his life mission to say yes to as many things as possible.
I even did a TED Talk on the subject. 

Despite my willingness to try many things, there are also some culturally ubiquitous things that I have intentionally avoided and feel no regrets. This does not mean that I will never engage in any of these things activities, but at this moment, I'd like to think I will continue avoiding them for the rest of my life. 

  1. I have never purchased a lottery ticket.
  2. I have never taken a selfie.
  3. I have never used an emoji.
  4. I have never yelled at my children in anger or frustration. 
  5. I have never used an illegal drug. 
  6. I have never consumed even an ounce of coffee. 

What's on your list?