I fought off a pit bull in order to save my dog's life. This guy did one better.

Years ago, while walking my dog in a local park, a large, apparently angry pit bull managed to pull itself free from its chain and came after my dog, a small Lhasa Apso named Kaleigh.

Seeing the pit bull sprinting across the field at her, I picked my dog up, held her shoulder high, and fended off the attack my planting the sole of my foot in the pit bull's face and pushing back until the owner managed to corral his dog back onto its chain. The dog bit my ankle in two spots and nearly pulled off my shoe, but thankfully he didn't manage to break the skin.

The pit bull wasn't hurt, and the owner was deeply apologetic. A nearby woman approached a moment later and complimented me on my quick reaction and willingness to hold my dog aloft and almost assuredly get bitten as a result. She thought I was a hero, though honestly, I think any dog owner would've done the same.

Fighting off a pit bull for 30 seconds is one thing. Boxing a kangaroo to save your dog is another thing entirely.

This guy is the real hero.