Things I Do #9: I avoid The Sound of Music

I've never watched The Sound of Music because every clip of that movie that I've ever seen makes the movie look boring and melodramatic. 

the sound of music.jpg

Through cultural osmosis, I've learned that the story centers on the von Trapp family and a nanny named Maria who likes to sing and dance in fields at the foot of mountains.

Switzerland, maybe?

I also know that Nazi Germany plays a role in the film. Maybe they are in Germany? Maybe they are in a country recently invaded by Germany? 

I don't know. 

I also know that the film stars Julie Andrews and a bunch of identically dressed children.

My assumption is that Mr. von Trapp is a widower, and Maria will eventually marry him after winning over the love of his brood of children, but that might be entirely wrong, too.

Either way, it looks so damn boring that I've never watched it. I've left the room on more than one occasion when people are watching it. 

I recently offered to watch it with Elysha, just to see if I am correct in my assumptions, but she declined. She told me that she values our marriage too much to listen to me critique and disparage a film that she learned to love as a child. 

She apparently doesn't think I'll like it, either.