The next time you need to go into battle...

Not a literal battle, I hope, but one of those fights for what you believe is right...

  • Facing off against a school administrator to get your child the services she so sorely needs
  • Shouting over the fence at the neighbor who refuses to put his erratic poodle on a leash
  • Demanding a raise from your seemingly recalcitrant boss
  • Asking out the hippie girl you've been staring at in the coffee shop for weeks
  • Telling your mother that you're not flying to Tennessee for your second cousin's third wedding
  • Informing your husband that a third trip to Vegas with his friends this year isn't happening
  • Explaining to the employee at the DMV that you will not be taking another number, damn it
  • Demanding that the gang of teenage boys in the movie theater "shut the hell up!" 
  • Informing a fellow customer (a little too loudly) that criticizing the speed of the pharmacy employee behind her back is a cowardly and pathetic act (something I may do more often than I should) 

... the next time you find yourself in one of these possible conflicts, think about this photo,
this face,
this seeming force of nature,
and perhaps you'll find the inspiration to charge once more into the breach.