A little girl, a Supreme Court justice, and courage

It's the top of the seventh at the Hartford Yard Goats last night, which means we have abandoned our seats for rides on the enormous, inflatable slides behind the right field fence. 

Charlie has hurtled down these monstrosities before, but for Clara, this is her first time. I expect her to be nervous. Frightened. She may back out.

She is who she is.

I watch as Clara climbs the ladder, admittedly impressed by her willingness to even begin the process. A few seconds later, a hear her voice. She's shouting.

Her words:

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg!"

Then she comes plunging down the slide, repeating the name of a Supreme Court justice again and again.  

She lands with a thud at the bottom of the slide, hops off, and makes a beeline to the ladder for another ride. 

"Clara!" I call. "Why are you shouting Ruth Bader Ginsberg?"

"When I'm nervous, she gives me courage!"

She is who she is.