A beautiful act of revenge. Plus glitter.

Elysha and I had a package stolen off our doorstep recently. It was a Nordstrom order, and when Elysha called the company to inform them of the theft, they immediately shipped the item again, no questions asked.

Elysha has now told about ten million people about this outstanding customer service experience, and she’ll be shopping at Nordstrom even more now.

Well played, Nordstrom.

Package theft is becoming a bigger problem as more and more Americans shop online. We reported our loss to the police, and an officer came to our home to collect information.

But when one man was told by the police that they could do nothing about his stolen package, even though he had a video of the theft, he decided to take action, creating a glitter bomb trap for would-be thieves, complete with a recording mechanism and much more.

It’s glitter revenge on the scumbags who steal boxes off our front stoops, and it glorious.

Well worth the ten minutes to watch.