Boy vs. Girl: Our 100th episode

Boy vs. Girl, the podcast that I produce with my partner, Rachel Leventhal-Weiner, just published our 100th episode. While I don't often get excited about round numbers, 100 is a pretty good number. 

Boy vs. Girl is a podcast about gender and gender stereotypes. Rachel and I each bring a topic to the table each week, and then we answer a mystery question from a listener.

I try to start fights whenever possible. 

If we were producing a sitcom, 100 episodes would be enough to enter syndication and guarantee ourselves a steady stream of income for years and years to come. Sadly, we're not producing a sitcom and have yet to make a dime off our podcast, but that might be changing soon. 

If you haven't been listening, we have an extensive back catalog of podcast waiting for you. A regular reader of my blog recently suggested that I start a podcast, so I felt a little foolish having to tell her that I've been podcasting for more than two years.

I apparently haven't been promoting it enough.

Give it a listen. You can find it on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

I recommend Overcast.