Empty that bag

When I arrived home from Iowa yesterday, I kissed Elysha, hugged my children, and then I emptied my bag. 

Dirty clothes into the hamper. Toiletries put away. Charges returned into their usual locations. 

I did this because there are two types of people in this world:

  1. Those who empty their luggage immediately upon returning home from a trip
  2. Heathens and lunatics who can stare at a suitcase of dirty clothing for hours or days without concern.

These are likely the same kind of people who leave dirty dishes in sinks, folded clothing in hampers, and unopened mail on counters. These are people with thousands of unread emails in their inbox and dozens of unheard voicemails waiting on their phones.  

I'm not saying they aren't perfectly lovely people. Some of them are quite intelligent, beautiful and talented. The best of the best. But obviously broken in some fundamental way, too.