Baby jumping is a real thing, and it's really, really stupid.

It's often considered to be culturally insensitive to criticize specific cultures or religions for rituals, practices, or celebrations that don't align with our own positions or values. 

I think that as long as you're willing to accept the scrutiny and criticism of others without acting like someone has just murdered your family, it's perfectly acceptable to apply the same scrutiny to others. 

For example:

Yes, I sit in a frigid stadium in December, freezing my ass off while watching large men who I have never met but nonetheless love compete in a sport that may cause them permanent brain injuries. But if a player leaves this team to earn more money and a better living on a rival team, it is likely that my undying love for that player will instantly transform to hate.  

Also, my allegiance to this team is purely geographic. Wholly dependent on where my parents lived when I was a child. 

It's so stupid. I'm so stupid.  

See? Be objective about your own insanity, and the you can feel free about pointing out the insanity of others. 

Case in point: El Salto del Colacho. Otherwise known as "the devil's jump" or "baby jumping."

During this annual Spanish festival, men dressed as the Devil in red and yellow suits jump over babies born during the previous twelve months of the year as they lie helplessly on mattresses in the street.

The "devils" hold whips and oversized castanets as they jump over the infant children, because jumping over babies is apparently not frightening enough. 

Look at those photos. Those are real babies, being jumped over by real men dressed up as the devil. 

It's so stupid. Dangerous and insane and stupid. 

At least as stupid as my love for the New England Patriots, and perhaps a little more. 

baby jumping.jpg