It's too early for something as depressing as this.

It's 6:22 AM.  Clara quietly comes down the stairs in pajamas and slippers. She yawns. Walks over to the table. Sits beside me. 

First words out of her mouth:

"Dad, I was just thinking about the Great Depression. How did the stock market crash in the first place?" 

6:22 AM and she was "just thinking about the Great Depression."

I found myself both amazed and a little concerned. I'd be concerned about anyone who wakes up thinking about the Great Depression.

I'd be concerned about scholars of the Great Depression who wake up thinking about the Great Depression. 

I was also a little annoyed since my response required a quick Google search to confirm what I thought I knew.

This is definitely not what I was thinking about in the summer after my third grade year, particularly because it would take years for me to know what the Great Depression was.

Or the stock market for that matter.