The exact opposite of a bridezilla

As a wedding DJ for more than 20 years, I've encountered my fair share of bridezillas.

Some of them have been absolute monsters.  

It's always such a shame. On a day that should be celebratory, joyous, and full of romance and love, brides (and the occasionally groom) spend so much of their time and energy obsessing over details that no one will ever remember and most people never cared about in the first place. 

I once watched a bride ask if a small tree could be chopped down so it didn't appear in her photos.  

I once listened to a bride complain about a bridesmaid who got engaged two weeks before her wedding, thus stealing some of the magic of her wedding day. "Guests will be congratulating her at my wedding!" 

I once saw a bride demote her best friend from maid of honor down to bridesmaid status because her best friend was "too thin" to be standing beside her in photos.

She stuck her best friend at the end of the line of bridesmaids, as far away from her as possible.    

The desire for some perverse form of perfection overtakes the desire to have fun at these weddings, and everyone suffers as a result.

This is why I loved this story and video so much. 

Unexpectedly fierce monsoons left many places in the Philippines flooded recently, but that didn't stop one bride from marrying the love of her life.  

Jobel de los Angeles left her family home in Sagrada Familia, lifted up her white dress and waded through ankle-deep water to reach the Santo Rosario Parish Church to marry Jefferson, the father of her two children and her partner of seven years. 

She waded down the aisle at the church, bouquet in hand, making the best of a terrible situation.

I often wonder what that groom was thinking when the bride demanded that the tree be removed at her wedding. Or the groom whose bride demoted her best friend to bridesmaid status because she was too thin. Or the groom who watched his bride cry over her friend's recent engagement.

Were those grooms having second thoughts? Foreseeing a future filled with unnecessary drama and expectation? Realizing that they might have made a terrible decision?

I bet the groom in the Philippines was feeling something entirely different as he watched his bride wade down the aisle.