The world's real apex predator

Here’s an interesting observation via Numlock News:

For thousands of years, human beings have systematically conquered evert region of the globe, eliminating or taming all of the creatures that once threatened our ancestors.

Lions, tigers, and bears are now relegated to areas of the planet that we deem safe and acceptable, Though an occasional animal still rises up and kills an occasional human, the threat is essentially gone. If we wanted to eliminate these dangerous species entirely, we could with relative ease.

Except one.

While we have been busy convincing ourselves that we are this planet’s apex predator, the tiny mosquito has resisted every attempt by human beings to eliminate them completely and have continued to kill human beings at an astonishing rate.

Mosquitos - not human beings - are the apex predator of our planet.

There are 100 trillion mosquitoes on Earth at any given time, and through their transmission of parasites and pathogens, they kill about 700,000 people annually with this potent, biological weapon.

They don’t build cities or tame wilderness, but they evade our defenses, pierce our skin, drink our blood, and kill us by the hundreds of thousands.

We are the walking, talking, overconfident, unknowing cows of the mighty mosquito.