Useless skills: Speaking and listening simultaneously

It occurs to me that we all have things that we can do surprisingly well that are fairly useless in life. Surprising but purposeless skills. Sort of meaningless super powers.

I’m creating a list of my own. Maybe you’d like to share yours as well?

Here’s one for me:

I can both speak and listen simultaneously. As a wedding DJ, I’ve found that I can be speaking to the guests via the microphone while my partner is simultaneously speaking into my ear, relaying information that I may or may not need to say as well.


I could be explaining to the guests how the centerpieces will be given away or describing where to go to catch the shuttle bus back to the hotel, and at the same time, my partner could be telling me about a change of plan or adding an announcement onto the end of the one I’m making. He might even be talking to me about something we need to do once the announcement is complete or something completely unrelated to the wedding.

Somehow, I’m able to keep my auditory and oratory channels operating at the same time, dispensing with and absorbing information simultaneously.

Perhaps more people can do this than I realize, but can they do it while engaged in public speaking? While delivering information extemporaneously to 200 or more people?

I’m not so sure.

Possible uses for this skill?

None as far as I can tell.