Science supports my wife’s hatred of cilantro and my hatred of broccoli, but she has more credibility than me in food related issues. Unfairly so.

In speaking about cilantro, Julia Child once said, “I would pick it out if I saw it and throw it on the floor.”

My wife concurs. Though her palate is wide and varied, cilantro is her most despised food item. 

Apparently there might be good reason for this, at least according to research described in the New York Times.

How convenient for my wife and Ms. Childs.


Of course, when I cite research indicating that broccoli is likely toxic to my system, people role their eyes and ignore my claims. It turns out that the larger your palate, the more credibility you have when citing a scientific reason for not liking a food.


I’m allergic to mustard, for example but it wasn’t until I accidentally ate a cheeseburger with mustard on it and experienced an actual allergic reaction that some of my friends accepted my allergy as real.


Just because I am a supertaster (verified by a test) with a somewhat limited palate doesn’t mean that broccoli’s toxicity might not apply to me.

So stop rolling your goddamn eyes every time I mention this.