Kurt Cobain and Budo (and Boodah)

If you’ve read MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND, you’ll know that it is a story written from the perspective of an imaginary friend named Budo.

Budo is actually the name of a real imaginary friend. Friends of mine have twin boys, and these boys have shared imaginary friends, including one named Budo. They told me about him one evening while we were eating dinner at their house, and when I asked if Budo was in the room, they said he was and pointed to the same corner at the same time.


When I started writing the book and needed a name for my imaginary friend protagonist, I chose the name of the boy’s imaginary friend.

My friends claim that the spelling of their son’s imaginary friend’s name was actually Beaudeaux, but I think they were just trying to annoy me.

In a bizarre and somewhat eerie coincidence, Kurt Cobain’s suicide letter is addressed to his childhood imaginary friend, Boodah. You can see an image of the letter here, and a more legible copy of the text can be found here.