I am launching a podcast and I need some advice. Best of all, I have prizes to offer.

I will be launching a podcast within the next month. Sooner if someone wants to come over my house and set things up for me. 

My vision is a 15-30 discussion about writing from the perspective of an author with some experience in the industry who still has a lot to learn. My goal is to provide content that will appeal to both writers who want to hear from a fellow author (something we don’t get to do often enough) and readers who might appreciate a peek behind the publishing curtain.

Though the format is not set in stone, I am envisioning three or four segments, looking something like this:

Segment one would be a peek into my life as a writer via a monologue on the latest issues surrounding my career. This past week, for example, I could have discussed a debate over a foreign book jacket, a translation issue with my Italian publisher, the struggles with my current manuscript and the pressures of a multi-book deal, the difficulties finding time to write with a six-week old infant in the home, my trouble in finding a satisfying end to a picture book that I am writing and much more. I would never be at a loss for topics for this first segment, as each week presents new and interesting challenges for me as an author.

The second segment would deal with a broader topic related to writing, reading or publishing. I might discuss a specific book that I have read, an opinion on the state of publishing, a commentary on a proposed writing strategy, and perhaps an interview with the many authors, agents, editors, film producers, sales reps and bookstore owners who I have gotten to know over the past five years.

The third segment would be one in which I answer questions posed by readers related to the industry or my work. I receive these kinds of questions almost daily, ranging from understanding the finances related to publishing, finding an agent, working with an editor, starting or finishing a book, and more.

This is just a proposed format. I am open for any suggestion that you may have to offer.

Here is my challenge to you:

First, I need a name for this podcast, and thus far I have come up with nothing.  

Second, I’m looking for any feedback in terms of my proposed format or content. Is there anything you would like to see me add, remove, or alter in any way?

Best of all, I have prizes to offer.

Anyone who offers a suggestion of any kind will be entered into a drawing. Three randomly chosen winners will receive a signed copy of the UK edition of my novel MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND, which will go on sale in the United States on August 21 of this year.

Even better, if I actually use the name that you have recommended for the podcast, I will send you a signed copies of all three of my books: SOMETHING MISSING, UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO and the UK edition of MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.


You can send me suggestions by commenting on this post, by contacting me through Facebook or Twitter, or by sending me an email at matthewdicks@gmail.com.

The drawing for the books will be held on July 28.

Thanks for your help and good luck!