Three types of people who people hate

I think this list is fairly obvious, and yet I deal with people like this ALL THE TIME.

So in case you are not aware of your own shortcomings, here are three types of people who people hate. Check and make sure that you are not one of them:

Complainers: There is nothing wrong with taking issue in a matter of importance, but if you are a person who finds something to complain about on an almost daily basis, or you have several complaints going on at the same time, the problem is not the world. The problem is you. And we all hate you for it.

"Yeah, but": Similar to complainers, these are people who reject solutions to their problems by simultaneously acknowledging the potential effectiveness of a proposed solution while at the same time finding ways to continue to complain about the same problem. These are people who enjoy problems and find simple solutions oddly offensive. If you frequently say "yeah, but" or something along those lines, we hate you.

Escalators: These are people who may have legitimate issues with individuals, organizations, and other entities, but rather than approaching these entities in a measured, productive, civil manner, they take pride and pleasure in airing out their issues in public or semi-public forums in ways that make everyone around them uncomfortable. These are also people who constantly assume the worst of others and love to threaten to sue at the drop of a dime.

Here's a good way of determining if you are an escalator:

The average number of times that a person threatens to sue another person or organization in their lifetime is less than one. Even if you were to sue someone, reasonable people don't threaten to sue. They simply file their lawsuit in a court of law, absent of the verbal flourish. If the number of times you have threatened to sue someone in your lifetime exceeds two, you are likely an escalator, and we hate you.

"Yeah, but..."

I despise these two words. 

It's not that I don't say them, but when I hear myself saying them, I despise myself. I remind myself of how stupid I sound. I'll even apologize for them if the moment is right. 

"Yeah, but.." is never good. It's a disingenuous agreement. An artificial attempt to move on. It's the language of those who cry over spilled milk. People who perseverate over past injustice. Individuals who are incapable of putting the unchangeable and implacable behind them and moving on.

It's also the language of the unaccountable. The complainers. The blamers. The finger pointers. Those who cannot give credit where credit is due. Those unable to acknowledge the wisdom or success of others. It's the blunted, ineffectual weapon of the jealous. The envious. The small minded.  

"Yeah, but..." is also often a leap into an illogical argument. An unreasoned appeal. An emotion-riddled mess of verbal detritus. 

No one likes a "yeah, but..." person. These people are the whiners of the world. They are the people who make bring moments of genuine productivity to a grinding halt.

Seek out the "yeah, buts..." in your own conversations and remove them whenever possible. Despise them as much as I do.

Make the world a better place.