June 29: Cross Cultural Symposium, Connecticut Convention Center
July 9-15: Miss Porters storytelling workshop
July 27: Storytelling for the College Bound Student: Interviews, Essays, and Life Skills
July 31- August 4: Storytelling Boot Camp, CT Historical Society
August 3: Speak Up Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT (8:00 PM)
August 4: Speak Up Boot Camp showcase (8:00 PM) 
August 13-18: Storytelling Boot Camp at Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA
September 16: Speak Up at Real Art Ways (7:30 PM)
September 23: Speak Up salon show at East Hartford library
October 26: Speak Up Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT (8:00 PM)
October 29: Voices of Hope showcase (2:00 PM)
November 4: Graduate Institute workshop
December 2: Speak Up at the CT Historical Society (7:30 PM)